The Heritage Railway Association represents the majority of heritage and tourist railways, tramways and railway preservation groups within both the U.K and Ireland.

Queries Answered

Here are the answers to some of the more frequently asked questions regarding the Heritage Railway Associations website. For more information, please refer to the About Us section.

Q: Can I send you information about ...... Railway?
A: Yes.

We are happy to receive any information relating to UK railway preservation. However please remember that most of the readers here will have at most a passing interest in railways and will therefore need information fully explained without too much railway speak. In other words nothing too cryptic please.

If you do send any information please state your connection with the organisation concerned.

Q: Can I send you some images to include on the ..... pages?
A: Yes.

We will usually be happy to receive any pictures, but obviously cannot guarantee that they will be used on the website.

Q: Will you provide a link to my pages?
A: Yes (but see note below)

We are happy to link to any pages containing information relevant to UK Heritage Railways. What we will not link to are pages containing little or no 'real' information, or pages of nothing but links to other pages. Please note also that we will only link to sites featuring railways with a gauge greater than 15 inches (with a few notable exceptions included for their historical interest).

Q: Can I link to the HRA website?
A: Yes.

Of course you can. If you want to link to the main index page then please title the link as `Heritage Railway Association'. All links should be to the http://www.heritagerailways.com host address.

Q: Are your pages copyright?
Q: Can I have a copy of your picture of .... engine/railway/etc?
Q: Can I use some of your information etc on my own pages?
A: Maybe (see note below)

Much of the information on these pages is supplied by the railway concerned. For copyright details of all such, you should contact the railway directly. The same applies to all images, "as the copyright" will belong to the railway, or the original photographer.

Q: Can you help with my research into ......?
A: See note below

We have very limited resources when it comes to historical research; most of what we have is on these pages somewhere. Your best source is the National Railway Museum Resources for Researchers or check the 'Historical Societies and Websites' category of the Links Database.